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Sweater Quest: The Podcast + a question

For your listening pleasure (I hope): Sweater Quest Chapter 6.

And while I have you here, a question: Lisa and I have been toying with making the art from this Figs available in some kind of tangible form. But we don't know what form that should be. Would you want art and text? Just art? And on what? T-shirts? Stationery? Exotic underpants? 

The only non-negotiable bit is that there will be no dead mickey on anything that is made. Yes, we are afraid of lawyers. Very, very afraid.

My cats thank you for your response.


Touch the belly. You know you want to.



Can you remove the dead mickey?

I would love some of them as stationary.. others as tshirts or tote bags...

I think you might run into some legal issues with the Disney reference. It's a great image, it's be a great counter point to all the "Hello Kitty" stuff, a kinda "Goodbye Kitty"

The Disney reference will go. Lisa assures me that striping out the mickey mouse is no problem at all.

I like "Goodbye Kitty."

I would buy that image on a t-shirt or a tote bag - can never have too many tote bags to hold knitting projects in progress.

Love the cat pictures. Is it a trait of orange tabbys that they like their bellys scratched? I currently have 2 mostly black cats and it is hard to tell where one starts and the other ends when they are cuddled up together.

Note cards or stationery would be wonderful, or maybe tote bags! Love the kitty pictures!!

Two of our three cats are into belly scratches. THe other one? Well. You're taking your chances if you just touch him. Some moments, he's a sweeties. Others? Well. Wear gloves.

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