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So over the weekend, I finished some knitting. First, the Slinky Ribs sweater:


Here's the thing: I don't love it but don't know if I care enough to change it. The neckline is much deeper than I thought it would be and the shoulders are kind wonky, which wouldn't be as much of a problem if the yarn (Silky Wool in color 46) had a little more elasticity. Still, I think it'll work if always worn over something else. 

The nearly endless Noro Silk Garden (two skeins each of colors 221 and 211) scarf, however, has found an end because I ran out of yarn:


It's about six feet long and will soon be on its way elsewhere. 


This is one of my fave sections. And that weird little bump is a result of having to wrestle with my assistant, who can't resist chewing on my camera strap while I am trying to borrow his napping place in order to take a picture.



Where is the gratitude? 


The sweater--call it good. I think it would look so pretty with an off-white shirt with a collar and a pretty necklace in between. Cats is cats is cats. At least I convinced my two that needles are verboten. However they still think they should be able to sit on my lap when they want. Believe me, gratitude is aaalll one-sided in catdom!

Cats understand nothing about gratitude - they are all about entitlement.

I like the way MacGregor's ears light up when he is being photographed.

Sweater looks great -- find the right thing to wear under it and you are good to go. Love the Noro scarf.

I agree. the sweater is fantastic. I know this sounds silly but maybe go for less is more.. like a tank top? I think that some of the scoopy sweaters are supposed to be wither with another scoopy shirt or a tank.

And I agree. McGregor's ears lighting up are delightful.

Great sweater, and I love the scarf. Noro is one of my favorite yarn producers. And hey, my orange tabby is just as ungrateful.

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