some big shameless self-promotion

many things make a post

* I feel like I've posted this before but it's still funny.

* The party of no.

* When parsing a recipe is like parsing a koan.

* On picking your battles. With a giant chicken.

* Heck with the kids; I want to go to Beam Camp.

* NPR's Kitchen Window managed to get my three most favorite noodle dishes in one story. I'm drooling just looking at them. But do I have the cojones to try to make them in my own kitchen? And can I find the more exotic ingredients in town?

* This piece about mental illness illustrates many things, including how much treatment has changed since 1961 without really changing at all.

* More chart porn. (HT to nerak)

* The suburbs are a Ponzi scheme.

* Bookcase lust.

* A bonus quote of the day: Wales's Cardiff Royal Infirmary issued an apology for making elderly patients use tambourines to attract nurses' attention. "Patients should never have to use a tambourine," said Steve Allen, the hospital's chief officer. "I also understand anecdotally that maracas were used, which was unacceptable."


We spend a significant part of each day removing shoes from the baby's reach/grasp.

You need recipe ingredients? I live in the land of those ingredients. I shopin an Asian grocery store as I shop in a regular one. Just ask and I will send things your way.

(also. thanks for the link. nom nom nom.)

I too live in an area with a number of Asian markets. Also Indain and Mexican, but only one decent Italian store. Sigh.

I spent a while trying to figure out what a porn chart would be and if I wanted to see one before I realized I was reading the words in the wrong order.
Also, now I want a giant metal chicken.

A giant metal chicken would be awesome in my yard. I strive to be the neighbor that makes other neighbors roll their eyes. Alas, it only probably really happens when our ever-growing Christmas display is lit. A giant metal chicken would sure help. Especially if I seasonally involved it in afore-mentioned Christmas lighting scheme.

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