change of plan


damn. just. damn.


::chiming in late::

My elder son, who is one of my political and economic and philosophical (and medical; he's in med school) gurus, told me we didn't need to worry about MB ever becoming president. According to him, she is way too crazy to carry off the grueling marathon that is a presidential campaign. Sooner or later the stress would get to her -- a member of the press would ask just one too many pointed questions -- and she would melt down in a spectacular fashion that would be covered extensively by the media, thereby eliminating herself from any prospect of future national office.

I cannot tell you how relieved I was to read that. (Although it doesn't help the people of Minnesota, who will still be stuck with her.)

Okay, I'm back. That is one scary article. I know enough Tea Partiers and born-agains to know that the rest of us should be scared.

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