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Sweater Quest: The Podcast + a question (again)

Here's the first part of Chapter 7. It turns out that it is a really long chapter and my voice wasn't going to hold out until the end. It wasn't even sounding all Kathleen Turner sexy - more like Gilbert Gottfried squeaky. I made the sensible choice and stopped at a section break.

Quick question, prompted by my finally noticing what happened to sales numbers of Sweater Quest shortly after I started podcasting it. In short, the numbers plummeted.  Now, this could be due to the podcast or to the fact that the book's been out for over a year or to sunspots or Saturn in my rising house or any number of other mysterious factors. Having said that, I will now ask: do you think podcasting this book (or any book, really) makes readers more or less likely to buy said book? 

No, I have no plans to stop podcasting it, no matter what the answers are, because I'm committed (or should be committed). I'm just curious about what y'all think. So?


Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Although if my acting students were to be believed, you writers have no idea how to read your own work. ;)

Less likely

I bought the book but I'm listening to the podcast. If it was a really sudden drop I'd say people have gotten wind of the podcast and are too cheap to buy the book.

I agree with Carol.

I bought the book (before podcast) and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I am now enjoying hearing it read to me too.

I guess I'm the minority. I need to be able to read something to truly comprehend, so I would buy the book even if a podcast were available. Or I would go to the library

I'm late on commenting, but have to tell you that my just turned 7-yr old son sleeps with a "blankie protector" or "blue hat-y" on his head to keep the bad dreams away. So he sports either a little flannel baby blanket or a blue fleece hat on his head when he sleeps, no matter the temperature. So I loved the story about your son and his turban.

I've yet to get into the whole podcast thing (any podcasts, not just yours). So, for me, a podcast wouldn't make me any less likely to purchase any book.

The Fiance, on the other hand, is Uberpodcastman. He has no time to read anything other than the script for his next show. But he'll listen to podcast upon podcast while working in the shop, building the model for a design, etc. Given that the chances of him purchasing a book to read just for fun are quite slim to begin with, those chances would drop even lower if he could easily listen to a book he's interested in.

As tempting as it might be to attribute the drop in sales to the podcast, remember that correlation is NOT the same as causation. Various experiments in giving away free [audio]books and music online have shown that it tends to increase readership/music sales, not decrease them.

I have read the book an absurd number of times. Seriously, it is on the bed headboard (along with Yarn Harlot and the current mystery) and sometimes I'll just pick it up and read a chapter at random. The podcast I listen to while I am knitting. Totally different situations, but that is me. How about settling the question by writing a new book? Or podcasting the first one? Please, I really like how you write.
And I'll stop now before this gets creepy.

I've read the book but don't yet own a copy, but listening to the podcast is making me think that next time I'm at the bookstore, I may want to see if they have Sweater Quest, since I typically buy books when they have re-readability (that is, if I'm going to read it multiple times, then I buy it; otherwise I use the library).

I listened to the first podcast (altho' I have to listen at work, which is, ummm, inconvenient). Thing is I have to hold a book in my hands, write in it (rules out the Library unless they are selling what I want), feel it, smell it (I don't taste them yet, so the wierd factor is at bay). I don't listen to the cast because I don't want to ruin the reading experience. My niece always says, "What do you want for Christmas?" and I give her a book list to choose from. This year, I'll ask for SweaterQuest -- and get it because she's a great niece!

Yeah - I'm not sure that the drop in sales has anything to do with the podcast. I tend to agree with the concept that Doctorow, et al talk about, how giving things away can help sales but I'm not sure if it scales. They already sell amazing numbers; my number are a mere fraction of theirs. Eh. It'll work out.

Glad I don't have the only blankie head kid. It's too cute, tho.

And, yes, Anna's students are right. Writers are lousy readers, myself included. I'm getting better, tho - and it is a free podcast....

Thanks for the answers, y'all. It's been an interesting experiment.

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