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Yesterday, the Diva turned nine.* Her two requests were to finally get her ears pierced and to have a "fashion party." Done and done, we said. 

The piercing went smoothly and she's been just beside herself with glee since. And the party also went smoothly, surprisingly, and is the perfect example of what happens when your father is a professional theatrical tech geek/designer. Mini-fresnel lights were installed in the dining room.** As was a dimmer board and a sound system, complete with RuPaul's "Supermodel" all cued and ready to go. 

I didn't get any shots of the show itself, since I was acting as stage manager upstairs. (There is video, which I can share with you if you email me.) This is what it looked like from where I was:


Each invitee was asked to wear something she felt was fabulous. And each did. The best part for the Diva was that she had an excuse to change her clothes every ten minutes. This was her cake costume:


Speaking of cake, I discovered a copy of The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free, which I had no idea even existed. Love it, frankly. While she hasn't completely dealt with the grittiness of your standard gluten free cake, it was about 900 times better than other solutions I've tried. Total win. 

Well, um, almost total win. This is the cake you get when your mom is a writer.



* I know. It happens fast, doesn't it?

** Which I needed to clear out anyway because I plan to start painting it today.


Great spelling! Did she even notice? Can't believe this is the same little one that used to eat black beans at my house!

Happy birtday, Maddy!

(if I spell it that way, too, maybe she'll think it's a new trend?)

'Fashion party'....love it.

That candle-extinguishing outfit is beyond awesome -- loving the fluffy hair accessory and her way with knees and ankles. Happy Birtday, Maddy!

She noticed the spelling and we all had a good laugh about it. I intend to spell it the same way next year so that it can be a thing. She still eats black beans, btw, as well as kidneys and garbanzos. My hope is that those make up for all of the things she refuses to eat.

Sadly, you can't see my fave part of the outfit, which are the bandaids on her knees. Gravity is a cruel mistress, no matter how fashionable you are.

Nice! We've had pretty good success with "Gluten Free Baking Classics" by Annalise Roberts - no grit and I can easily trade out dairy for what I will tolerate without taste/texture suffering. I might have to check out the book you use...

that cake is fantastic, writer/ busy parent. Love to see that fashion show! I would also love an excuse to give Maddy some totally rad earings! only posts until she is older?

Is it still a typo when you are writing? Also, I need that feather fascinator. I still can't understand why my sister wouldn't let me wear the giant flower from my bridesmaid's dress in my hair.

I got the feather fascinator in NYC, along the row of shops that face FIT. I knew the Diva would go gaga.

Only post earrings until Christmas, then we'll see. Other than that, sky's the limit.

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