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actual knitting content + a contest

First, the contest, because who doesn't love a contest, especially one that involves yarn? More info on my Lion Brand store gig and the aforementioned contest is here. Please come on down. I'll be bringing the Sweater...

Second, my plan for today was to show you this super cool shawlette I finished, just in time for the weather to soar into the upper 90s. I pinned it out last night. And when I went to unpin it this morning, well, 


Fucking hole the first.


Fucking hole the second.


The responsible fucking party. (Note disdain.)

Cat Barney has been pretty good about molesting damp handknits, so good that I was lulled into a clear false sense of security. It took every last bit of my will power to not skin him and turn him into a shawlette* so that I could replace the one he had maimed.

Once the rage ebbed to a manageable level, I broke out the left-over yarn - I have almost an entire skein left-over and am not sure what else to do with it - and worked my best repairs. Hole number 2 is almost invisible:


Hole number one, however:


Well. Perhaps a button? Maybe like one of these? Or not. Look at how pretty it is, tho. And just imagine what would have been.



I also made some pillows last week. 


But they are far less interesting.



*  I would never do this. There's not enough of him to make a shawlette. I'm thinking he'd be better as a hat. 



Oh how I feel your rage. I am so sorry abbe. It is really beautiful, and the pillows rock!

Condolences on the holes and congrats on the Lion brand event. Woo!

The owl on the pillow on the right looks nervous. Perhaps the cat has gotten to him too? Sorry about the holes. Pets!

Muff. You could arrange the white so it was a border. I am kidding. Have two cats, but that really is a divorceable offense, as my Dad used to say.

Oh no! How awful. I'm so sorry. It's amazing how pets do that, lull you into a sense of false security.

Once the worst of your first rage is over, you might find this apropos:
But it probably isn't funny yet. Sorry!

I know I lurk too much - but o.m.g. I'm so sorry about the cat induced horrors. (We've got one problem child - and live with squirt bottles on all horizontal surfaces.)

The pillows are wonderful!

i have a matching cat, we can sew their hides together and make that shawl! or put them on a pike as a warning to their misbehaved furry associates.

Barney is a Very Bad Cat.

Het boss, let's shave im.

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