a realization
up with figs, bow chicka bow wow

many things make a post

* Marion Winik explains it all to you.

* On running.

* The muggles finally acknowledge the existence of Ravelry.

* For the true fans.

* What your favorite author says about you.

* Go read this. Then do what he says, if you are able.

* We do this every year. 

* Happy Birthday, Neptune!

* This is how you should write about science.

* Aimee Pelletier (of Darn. Knit. Anyway) is knitting 12 sweaters in 12 months. I am in awe.

* I would have this exact same response to meeting royalty.

* Is it wrong that I saw this, then did a little happy dance in my desk chair? (anyone want to go halfsises on the yarn?)

* Speaking of yarn, picking your drug of choice. (HT Trish)

* Just, um, wow.

* Speaking of, just, um, wow. Take a look at this study about birth defects and coal mines


Loving your links, as usual. You open up whole avenues of the Internet to me every time you do this.

The drug/yarn comparison still makes me giggle. BTW, I hear the price of pot/Cas220 is going up. Like almost 30%.

Huffing spray paint out of a Kmart sack--LOL--brill!

I actually pitched a story about Ravelry to Wired News back when Ravelry was new. The editor was interested, but then he asked when they were coming out of Beta and it all went south. Hard to sell a story about a young web site that requires registration.

Thanks for the link love - you rock! :-)


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