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up with figs, Swami says

many things make a post

* IMO, the answer is "yes."

* I blame Mnookin for my new obsession.

* I am in complete agreement about s'mores.

* Brian Griffin on the Knoxville TVUUC shooting two years on. (Warning: this might break your heart.)

* Worst vacation ever. And, ew.

* Scott and I have a hypothesis that our GPS is trying to lead us out into the woods to kill us. This is another data point.

* John Oliver on making sausage.

* It is not preventable today.

* This is the sort of chart that makes me want to punch someone in the neck.

* I'm developing a bit of a crush on ( And with it, this: Camping in Fairyland.)

* Um. Okay. 

* Every single discussion about sexism on the internet. What's sad is how accurate it is.

* Is it wrong that my first response on reading this is that I could really go for a fried pie?


I don't care for s'mores either. I like the components individually, but not all smooshed together.

Playground: agree
S'mores: agree (although, I almost always try one, thinking, "everyone else can't be wrong, can they?," and then remember, "I don't enjoy this.")
Playlands: eew, but I've let my kids play on them (after eating)
John Oliver: love
Sexism cartoon: love (and *sigh*)

The GPS thing is so true. They are great tools but you can't trust the little buggers. I've used them where I have a good idea where I'm going & It takes some crazy route. You're right, they get together in cyber space & plot to get rid of us, one car at a time.

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