Sweater Quest: The Podcast + how to increase your book's sales
actual knitting content + so much lazy

qotd, on sleep

"'I'm an excellent typist, and I practice as much as I'm able,' she said. 'I've studied the Agency's most important cases, and I'm not averse to working extra hours. My greatest fault is my susceptibility to unpredictable bouts of deep sleep. The irony of my condition, in light of the Agency's foremost motto, is not lost on me. But the work I've done to make up for my weakness has strengthened my resolve beyond normal expectations. I apologize in advance for the snoring.'"

-- The Manual of Detection, Jedediah Berry. Which I wanted to like a lot more than I did, frankly.

(Also, should you be the sort who listens to podcasts, you might just recognize someone in this How to Do Everything 'cast....)


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