this is just to say
up with figs, the dude does not abide

so that was a hoot and a half

I'm gonna hold the "many things" post for next Tuesday, largely because it isn't many things if your list only has one thing on it. And one thing doesn't really make a post.

Plus - I'd like to tell you about Houston.*

Houston tends to be the butt of jokes when one lives in Austin. "Jokes" is the wrong word. It's more that Houston is used as a worst case scenario, like "if you think you've had a bad day, you could have had it in Houston, which would be much, much worse."**

I made the mistake of incorporating that into my worldview. I am here to say that I was full of cow pies. Houston is delightful.

Look at these knitters:


And these: 


And there was a bunch in the middle, who I didn't realize didn't get in either shot. They were equally lovely.

From my perspective, the talk went well. There was laughing and questions. Plus, there were cupcakes. It's always more fun with cupcakes.

In between, I ate as much Tex-Mex as I could hold. I had at least one Shiner Bock, which I pine for, and an obscenely big (and obscenely delicious) watermelon margarita.  


Marilee, Brine, Roddie, Theresa (who took the picture above), Dianna, Mary Lee, Anna Marie and all of the Knit at Night Knitters were most wonderful.

Plus, there was yarn.


It's a colorway (named "Jane" in memory of one of the founders of the guild) dyed by Mama Llama for the guild's 15th anniversary. Tucked into our place settings were bamboo double points, just in case we should want to start something right there. A few did, in fact, and I can't wait to see what they come up with.

The next morning, I took off for Austin. I also took two pictures at a convenience store near the turn-off for College Station. I had to wait to take them because my glasses immediately fogged up when I went from my well air conditioned rental car into the East Texas July.


This is one way to tell you're not in the North anymore.


This is the other.

I made it to Austin in good time, took myself out to lunch at Threadgill's, which I miss even more now, and drove down Congress. Then it got, as the Austin Chamber of Commerce says, weird.


* Austin will in another post. First, I have to send the paperwork to the Department of Public Safety.

** If you are a New Yorker, insert New Jersey for Houston. Or if you are a Tennessean, insert Alabama. You get the idea.


*sigh* I want a margarita.

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