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Sweater Quest: The Podcast + how to increase your book's sales

Sweater Quest: Chapter 10. The end of the (podcasted) yarn.*

I've been picking up random shifts at my local independent bookstore, The Green Toad. Because it's fun. 

There's a bestseller section at the front of the store. I've figured out what it takes to make your book sell well. 




All it takes is a dog snout. I will keep this in mind for my next book: Honey, The Dog Ate My Yarn.

* Any input about the podcast is appreciated. 



I don't normally care one way or the other about dog books, but The Art of Racing in the Rain was AMAZING!

If you really want a book that will sell - read How I Became a Famous Novelist, by Steve Hely. It went haywire in the last 50 pages but before that it is wickedly funny. I do not aspire to any kind of writing, but it rings so, so true.

If you need to borrow an obliging dog for yarn-eating purposes, I have two models available: small, and large. As far as snout appeal, I recommend the smaller model.

My dog is dang cute and uber-cooperative, if you need a volunteer.

I have the cutest dog ever, as is evidenced by my Facebook profile pic.

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