qotd, on hate
so that was a hoot and a half

this is just to say

A full update (with pictures, because I remembered to take some but did not remember the cable that goes from my camera to the computer) will be on the way later in the week, provided I don't get stranded someplace without internet access. Given the last 12 hours, that seems probable. Let us all cross our fingers.

In short, tho, Houston was stunning and fabulous and fun. Austin? Um. It's been weird. And not in cool, hip way. 

I'll explain it all properly soonish. Provided nothing else weird happens. 

Do you hear that ominous music? No? Just me?



da-Da-DAAAAAA..... (yeah, I heard it).

You can't go home again, but you can shop there.

dueling banjos?

If you get a USB card reader you won't need to carry the cable. I keep one in the computer bag and one stays at home.

It was great meeting you yesterday, Adrieanne! Thanks for joining in and sharing with the guys about your book! Really enjoyed it!

cable that goes from my camera to the computer

I think that I saw it on the butcher block table that was in the front room during painting.

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