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actual knitting content + proto sweater (maybe)

I finished the Featureless Saint's earwarmer.


The inside is lined with alpaca:


You are welcome to add your own caption to this photo. The Featureless Saint wondered what the heck I was doing and why I was taking a picture.

Thanks to the Stitch Bitch, who had a stash of knitted sweatery components in her craft closest that she wanted to get rid of, I've spent a good deal of the last few days making these:


Which now looks like this:


I have zero idea what any of it will become, mostly because I haven't felt any knitting compulsions lately. I know. I'm concerned, too. 

The Diva, however, keeps telling me how much she likes the red and there's enough for a sweater for her. So...maybe?



I've had very little in the way of knitting compulsion lately, but I generally haven't felt like knitting during either of my pregnancies... which is weird cuz there's that whole stereotype of pregnant and knitting for baby. Then again, I don't crave things or get emotional/hormonal during pregnancy either.

I really like the purple, myself. :D

Mmmm. Alpaca. So snuggly! And thanks for taking that yarn. It is a weight off my shoulders. I think your knitting mojo will return with cooler weather. And the diva will have a pretty red sweater by Christmas.

Great earwarmer!

Hey, remember when we were talking about easy Halloween costumes?

Look here:

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