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actual knitting content + so much lazy

I am blocking my entry* into the Lion Brand colorwork contest:


It's Kate Davie's WWWWW #1 (Rav link) done in Lion Brand's LB 1878 in Fisherman, Magenta and Plum, and two colors of leftover Mary Tudor Spindrift, Raspbetty and Pistachio. With the clarity of hindsight, I would have swapped some of the colors around, cos the pink is really, really pink. Still, I plan to make another, tamer version for the Fetureless Saint.

My fave part, tho, is the lining.


Still River Mill cashmere, baby. My ears are already looking forward to it.

In other news, McGregor has taken lazy to new configurations.


Why sleep in a straight line when you can bend yourself into a right angle?




* I don't think I get to actually enter but thought I'd observe the spirit of the thing.


Wow, you are going to wear pink?

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