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We went away this weekend in order to hang out at a lake and play games with Heidi and her clan. (She describes it here and I agree on Castle Keep.)  Then this morning I ran up to Sharon Springs for a story, which means that Mount Laundry has yet to be tackled, which I'll do, once I do this. 

While hanging out with the humans was great fun, also great fun is getting to hang out with Sasha the Wonder Dog, the Dugan's Keeshond. She is sweet and gentle and smart. All one could want in a dog, really, and the Keeshond is now high on our list of possible dogs when the time comes.

I mean, how could you not love this face?


(snapped by Heidi on their way home.)


You know what's funny about Stella? She doesn't put her head out the window. Like me, she prefers the air conditioner. When she's really hot, she puts her nose right up to the vent (there's one in the console that faces the back seat). She's a weird dog.

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