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if you are reading this ...

... I have successfully made it out of my house and am on my way to New York City for a gig at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio at 6 p.m. tonight.

(If you are not reading this, it has been replaced by an interesting/amusing/grouchy story about why I am not on my way to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. (And, yes, this is a Schrodinger-esque message to post.))

Few things are certain in life, of course. But what I can all but guarantee is that I'll forget something. Previous somethings from other trips have included a toothbrush, a hair brush, my knitting and decent shoes. Any guess as to what it'll be this time?

And, here, have a picture of a cat:


He's still on my list.


Haha, your cat is a dick. You should submit that picture, it's wonderful. Obvioulsy you forgot your umbrella

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