we were away, eh
up with figs, ow.

many things make a post

* Properties of Jon Stewart's sweat.

* Rockstars in swimsuits.

* Scott Miller on vinyl.

* Posts about beet pulp ought not be this funny.

* Two from the Times: On children's stories and economic theory and the wonder of the dollar store.

* Running has led me to many discoveries. My favorite so far is Marc Parent's column in Runner's World. Sample quote: "Through the first half-mile, we did what anyone would do if they found themselves in the middle of a foolish, ill-advised, entirely voluntary activity--we laughed hysterically."

* There are few sounds more lovely than Yo-Yo Ma playing the cello.

* How did I not know Sam Bee was writing for Babble? Also: this.


Re: Sam Bee on potty training. Gotta book mark that one. The potty lyrics for rock songs in the comments are awesome.

Rod Stewart = ewww
David Bowie = dang!

Well you did it...sending us all to click on the link caused the Rockstars in bathing suits site to shut down.

Or are we all clogging up their site by staring at David Bowie's junk like we're hypnotized by it and can't seem to look away?

Ditto, Debra.

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