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many things make a post

* How can a Prague restaurant not serve dumplings? That's crazy talk.

* Poverty is a crime.

* If I am ever transported back to pre-WWI England, I hope to have the stones Almina had.

* I don't know which I love more, the illustration or the publication it came from.

* I would do this run just for the sake of novelty. Plus I reckon it's less humid in the tunnel.

* I might have to pick up an actual copy of Vanity Fair just to read this.

* This dessert would make Michael Pollan sad. (That seems like a Tumblr blog someone should start.)

* Have any spare cocktail umbrellas?

* If one were, say, near Quebec City just on the other side of Montmorency Falls for a few days, what should one do? And which yarn/fabric/button shops should one haul one's family to?


Cocktail umbrellas are one of my favorites. I might have to make one of those wreaths for next spring or summer. Wonder if it's storable, without taking it apart.

Don't know if you're planning on hitting the Aquarium de Quebec while you're there, but we were there 3-4 years ago and they had practically no GF options in their various eateries. One would hope they've changed their practices (ie. grilled meat only w/bread or premade salads only w/croutons toxifying the rest of the salad). Have fun it's a wonderful city to visit!

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