expression of pure joy
up with figs, yew goldarn interlopers

many things make a post

* Mythbusting while pregnant.

* Dunno if I'll ever make these muffins but they sure are fun to read about.

* College journalists kick it old school. I'm old enough that I remember the ancient guys down in the press room showing off their hot type scars. 

* I have a friend in mourning. While this helps, it still doesn't help-help.

* Aw.

* Russians hate ice.

* For all of your scientific glassware needs

* Defining "Greenfieldism."

* Yum, I say. Then yum again. (HT Terri Windling.)

* This is tempting.

* It's funny because it's true.

* Here.

* Edited to add, because I hit post prematurely: turns out parenting style needs to be matched with the kid's personality. (ht nerak.)


LOL on the McSweeney's bit. They are geniuses


Agree with Anna. McSweeney's hits it out of the park again!

Love the Greenfieldisms.

Thank you for the glassware link. In my ultimate geek-dom, I cannot tell you how many times I've looked at gizmos in the lab and thought of appropriate home usages. Now maybe I'll get that chance (with something that doesn't have a questionable hygiene history)!

Thank you for the link about Slate Magazine's articles and survey about grieving. Very timely.

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