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expression of pure joy

qotd, run like a dog

"My dog, a shepherd mix named Cooper, doesn't care where we are or what time of day or night it is, or even what the weather is like. He doesn't know what his resting heart rate is and rarely bothers to wear a watch. Anytime, anyplace, for any reason, he just loves to run.

Watching Cooper run is a treat because it's an exercise in pure joy. He just switches his brain off and goes. And every time he does - every single time - his face and body telegraph one simple message: This. Is. AWESOME. I cannot BELIEVE I get to do this! I'm runningrunningrunningrunning!

How many of us can say that? 

When it comes to being better runners, we could all learn a thing or two from our dogs......If someone asks, "Wanna go outside?" answer in the affirmative. And whatever you do, do not pee on that old guy's lawn. Because he will yell."

-- Mark Remy, The Runner's Rule Book.


I love this.

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