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riding the storm out

To be honest, we live far enough away from the coast that we didn't expect the weather on Sunday to be that bad. Wind. Rain. Then more wind. Which is more or less what we got. Except - just when we thought the worst had passed and when the house was full of people who had come over because I wanted to make a big pot of sauce - all the power went out.* And stayed that way until 2 a.m., which we know because that's when everything came back on and woke us up. 

Compared to how bad others have (and still have it), we have been very lucky. And if you go just on county east or northwest**, they are in states of emergency. Hope it all settles out soon.

The sauce, however, was very good, if not nearly as good as my grandmother's, as was the company. 

The day before, we went blueberry picking. Beacause when there is heavy weather, you need blueberries.

The kids got bored and started stalking butterflies.


(One of these children is not mine.)

And the Featureless Saint spent most of his weekend (and today and probably tomorrow as well) like this:


And another shot of him explaining what all of the pipes in our upstairs bath do:


Lovely, eh? The only information I really wanted was "when will the water go out to the street and not into the kitchen light fixture again?"***

Some weeks, the bear eats you, you know?


* Not all over town, mind. Just us and 31 of our neighbors. 

** Delaware and Schoharie, respectively. 

*** Long story short: I drained the tub after bathing the Boy on Thursday and all of the water ran directly out of the kitchen ceiling and onto the floor. Which is not ideal. 


I think it was more than 32 customers, actually. All of Union St lost power, as did Woodside and way up East. So ... there's that. Powerlessness loves company, right?

wow! that happened at my parents house when i was a kid. i think a pipe had leaked so bad and weakened the space above the ceiling fixture that at 4am it gushed from the light fixture over the stairs. crazy

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