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First - thanks to all who came out to Lion Brand Studio on Thursday. I had a lovely time - and hope you did as well. I didn't buy yarn, tho. My fiber habit seems to be being eclipsed by a button habit. This is all I got:


I have zero idea what I'll use them for. 

Also, while I was doing my whirlwind trip to the city, I stopped in the Museum of Arts and Design, because I can't go into NYC without going to at least one museum. It wasn't the museum I thought it was* - Ellen, who I stayed with, insisted that I wanted the museum near Lincoln Center not near Columbus Circle - but it was cool nonetheless. If you get a chance, see the Otherworldly exhibit before it closes. I loved the snow globes of immanent peril.**

Second - I just cleaned off my camera's memory card in anticipation of a trip with the family and found this:


What I wanted to see behind it was a truck for "Syracuse Monkeys." 


* I wanted the American Folk Art Museum, which had moved. 

** My name for them.


I enjoyed your reading at the LionBrand Studio reading the book now and love your quest...

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