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Waaaaaay back when the Boy was a baby, which seems like an impossible state for the Boy from this point six years on, I bought Heather Ross' gnomes and fish fabrics because I loved them. My intention was to make something for the Boy and/or his room. 

Time passed, as it does. 

I rediscovered the stashed fabric while searching for something else. And, so, I made a couple of things for a friend who is currently great with child:


(One of these was sewn twice because I forget to cut off the selvedge edge. Because my brain isn't a finely tuned work of exquistie German engineering.)

I need to finish up a couple of other bits and pieces and chuck the whole box in the mail. 

I've also made progress on this:


It no longer looks obscene.

Finally, I've started a sweater for the Diva from some of the Stitch Bitch's leftover yarn.


So far the Diva approves of both color and pattern. This could change at any moment, of course, because we are mean and the universe is capricious. 


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