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if the weather holds

It appears that the children are back in school. Fingers are crossed that they remain that way.

As a result of last week's chaos, local entropy has increased exponentially. And, so, little is getting done today that is worth sharing with anyone else but that will keep me employed. Unless you like to hear about my ongoing attempts to figure out what smells so odd in the Diva's room. Which, seriously, I don't really even want to hear about it and I am the main actor in the drama.

As a result of that, I don't seem to have any leftover brain power for this. I wanted to. I did. But it's not gonna happen. :(

So, um, here. Have some pictures of cats wearing berets.


it's not just local to you. severe case of "blah"'s in Ohio where it can't decide to be summer or fall. Seriously-today 80's and by Thursday low 60's. But no flooding (fingers crossed).

Sorry about the sucky day.

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