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many things make a post

* What parents need to say.

* Is your child ready for first grade, 1979 edition. Pay attention to #8.

* For the beginner runners.

* Lev Grossman hones in on how e-books may change how we read. 

* Have any local folk had meat from Nectar Hills Farm?

* Want.

* Dear student; why are you in college?

* I've long wondered what Babesiosis is. Now I know - and know it's endemic in this area. Woo?

* He laughs at your deep fried butter.

* A tribute to Blossom. And, yes, I was a huge Murphy Brown fan, too. Still am, in fact. And will now see if old eps are on Netflix....

* Steve Burns works blue.

* Two from Slate related to having XX chromosomes: Living the Bible and Autoimmune disorders.

* Adam Roberts, whose work I love, on this weekend's Doctor Who. There are spoilers.


Re the Slate articles. The autoimmune article irritated me b/c they throw out this theory that having kids contributes to autoimmune disorders, then they say, "On the other hand, there's little evidence that women who have given birth are more likely to have an autoimmune disease than childless women." Well, if its easily disproven, why throw it out there?

The deep fried butter guy talked with wonder about the "Deep fried pizza balls". *Sigh* old news in Erie, PA my friend. They've been clogging their arteries with that confection for 40 years!

I have an autoimmune disease and no child, FWIW. Re: the NPR article, I posted on my FB what hard work kids were, after an outing with my nephews, and their father told them I said that. WTF?

My hubby went to high school with Steve Burns. But, even though it was a tiny private Catholic high school, they didn't know each other.

Oh, and I Lloooooorve Fair Food.

Also, would love to CSA some beef, but haven't found it affordable anywhere near here.

Oh, and finally .... Murphy Brown rocks. And Mayim Bialik is a fantastic reason to watch The Big Bang Theory.

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