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many things make a post

* Has anyone seen Stitched the Film?

* A haunting story expertly reported.

* In case you wondered about the purple boxes.

* This might be funnier if you follow tennis.

* Want. (Thanks Heidi.)

* This is the CSA for me.

* An interview with Kim Lane, who was ahead of her time.

* Yet another book I'm going ot have to read.

* Easy felted balls. (The Pie Goddess and I made a ton of these last fall. This would be a much better way to do them. Seriously. Save your hands.)

* Like the Blogess (who I love (read this one and try to not die from your ruptured gut)), I find it helpful to listen to this song every now and again.

* Seth Stevenson goes to Burning Man.


Thank you!!! I have been wondering about those boxes all summer.

I had been wondering about the purple boxes after driving through PA.

You're welcome ... and I have no idea where to get loose wool like that around here, but I'm fascinated ... have to find some and put the kids to work felting some balls.

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