if the weather holds
up with figs, rain queen

many things make a post

* Let's eat the bankers.

* Yes, they are both morally bankrupt. But one is more bankrupt than the other.

* Seven steps to a happy marriage.

* 9/11 movies that didn't know they were 9/11 movies.

* On Chick Lit.

* What amuses me most from this story is why they taught girls to embroider.

* Why I talk funny.

* This story makes me feel better about humanity.

* On lists and organization. FWIW - I am a compulsive list maker and have gone so far as to install a giant whiteboard above my desk so that I can keep track of everything that needs to be done. Writing down "print COMM handout" and "Inspection" frees up more of my brain for plotting to take over the world daydreaming.


Love the "Needs Washed" map, though given outward migration of Pittsburghers since the 70s (see also Steeler Nation), I'm not surprised to see so many dots elsewhere.

Thanks for the slate link about 9/11 movies. I enjoyed reading it.

I often think about the movies out then. Like the fact there was a Arnold Schwartzenegger film due out that weekend that involved him being a firefighter and some very tall city bldgs being on fire. It had the terrible name of "collatoral damage" It was promptly sent back with a later release date (feb 2002), but the fates were sealed on that one.

Haiku Tunnel, which was a fantastic indie film opened on 9/11. It shuttered practically the next day. No one was seeing flims that week. No one really remembers this film, but it was terrific in an indie film about being a temp sorta way.

my inner geek wants to know how to diagram a "needs washed" sentence.

Thanks for the paper sculpture link - I think it is the most wonderful thing I've seen in a long time!

I leave the diagramming as an exercise for the student.

So, A, did people think you talked funny when you lived in Austin and Knoxville?

They knew I didn't talk like a Texan when we lived in Austin but very few could put their finger on where I grew up. By the time we moved to Knoxville, my accent became significantly less noticeable and more Texan.

I just emailed you about the OccupyWallStreet protest yesterday. Also, I adored the paper sculpture/library story. Sent it to my good friend the county librarian.

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