spring surprises
up with figs, booga booga

many things make a post

* Because I didn't have enough to worry about. (Be sure to read IssyLu34's comment on the story...)

* All mothers are liars.

* On the teenage brain.

* A genius I enjoy.

* A short history of map dragons.

* The American Folk Musuem has been one of my favorite places to visit in NYC. Not the building (because the building is stupid) but the collections. It'd be great to keep 'em together somehow.

* Endeavouring to understand the bulk of the folks on the autism spectrum.

* This blog post by Mike Rowe is honest. It also reminds me of the Czech Republic, one of the many countries where saftey is job 23 or 24.

* Hartwick College, which is just up the street from me, wanted to bankrupt us all.

* Want. Also, more want.

* A great reason to buy an iPad, if you needed one.

* Another 5K that sounds like fun. 

* In honor of the season.

* On Thursday, Dana Spiotta (who y'all should read) came to speak at the Green Toad. Afterwards, as I started the car to head home, her voice kept ringing in my ears. 

* Calling all geeks.

* This is a review I wish I'd written.


After reading the 2nd and 3rd links, I feel glad that my kids' early childhood years are far behind me and that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (my youngest is 19).

Squee! Jad! and ... really old maps.

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