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oh, fall.

Yesterday, the kids had their first day of school. As we do every year, I took a picture:


(Yes, I have given up on getting the Diva to brush her dang hair already.)

We took the picture inside because it was raining. It started the night before. And continued through the morning. And the afternoon. So much rain, in fact, that school was let out early because the roads were flooding. And it kept raining.

School was canceled today. A state of emergency has been declared*. And still it rains. We shall see how it goes.

* We're so high on a hill that the rain would need to reach Apocalyptic levels before we'd need a canoe.** But we are luckier than many right now.

** which is great when there are floods. Not so great when you are returning from a long run around the neighborhood and have to face a 35 degree incline.

UPDATE (9-9-11):

School is closed again today, because parents like to have brief glimpses of freedom snatched away.


My favorite part of the phote is the flip-flop clutched between the Diva's feet! Maybe flip-flops wouldn't have been such a bad idea, as things turned out.

Why does a first grader need a back pack?

We have a shoe management problem, Phyllis. Some day they will all get put where they go. Someday.

And, Dad, first graders have homework now, so they have to cart stuff to and fro.

Good luck with the rainingness. Our dam here has been just-about-but-not-quite overflowing ever since Irene, and isn't showing any signs of any relief any time soon.

Also ... regarding first days of school ... (http://alleghator.blogspot.com/2011/09/first-day-of-school.html) here's a shameless plug.

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