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so that he has something to talk about in therapy later

Not much to report, frankly. So this will be kinda haphazard. Yes, more than usual.

First, take a glance at Scalzi's post. Be sure to read the comments. I find it all very interesting. And, yes, it's the sort of crap I don't get either. The world is strange.

Second, on our way back from Quebec, the Boy doodled on some paper scraps we picked up at the economusée de papier. Here's a sample of his work:


(click on the image to embiggen.)

Yes, he is a Wimpy Kid fan. Yes, he's always been a doodler, going way back to toddlerhood, in fact, when he used to carry around a notebook and crayon everywhere he went. Yes, I've saved all of them. And, yes, I'm afraid that this may mean that he has art in his future. Or not. One just never knows. Things change.

* Some self-promotion, in case you'd like to buy some genuine Martini products. There's a podcast. Theres's also an ebook. Check 'em out.


I saw you ask him yesterday and I am really glad he answered. I am kinda sick and tried of the crap people feel that can dump on others. And I have noticed it is VERY gender oriented. Which brings me to the whole "nymwars" that G+ is having. If oen can be anonymous they can avoid ALOT of that heaping baloney. But if someone insists we have our real identities out there, it makes it easier to feed the trolls. Thanks for asking him. he is always so honest in his thoughts.

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