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It's been one of those Mondays where everything seems to take about twice as long as you'd anticipated. Not neccessarily a bad day but here it is, 4 p.m., and I've not gotten much done. I did, however, go for a run, so I'll put that in the Win column.

Anyhoo, this weekend, the kids and I planted 60ish daffodil and crocus bulbs. 


The Diva digs.


The Boy ... well, I'm not entirely certain what the Boy is doing. I think I'd just told him to stop spraying water at his sister. 

Daffodils and crocuses (crocusi?)* are the thing that keeps me from completely losing my will to live in late March/April in these parts. Hopefully, enough will survive to bloom. I'd settle for one, really. Plus, by the time Spring rolls around, I'll have forgotten that I planted them in the first place, which will make it a happy surprise for all.

Afterwards, we went to Pie in the Sky to get ice cream. As one does.


The kids are into checkers lately. 


Despite all of the rain, Pie does have a few pumpkins this year. But it is not the bounty of years past.


Including the "Whatzits." Only $2!

The Boy liked this one.


(photo credit goes to Maddy.)


In other news - a quick question: if you could ask the Yarn Harlot one question, what would it be?


* And tulips - but the dang deer make it impossible to plant tulips and see them bloom. 


Sounds like a fun weekend. I love the quirky looking pumpkins, and the little ones to stuff and bake. Why are pumpkins so emblematic of fall, even here in La. where they are really, really hard to grow?
re: Yarn Harlot-she is so open about her knitting, I can't think of a single knitting question for her, but only intensely and wildly inappropriate personal ones, cause sometimes I forget she isn't really my best friend.

News says it's gonna be a bad year for pumpkins. Quoted one VT farmer who said he watched $20K worth of gourds slide into Lake Champlain during the recent flooding. Get 'em while you can.

Hmmm. Yarn Harlot questions--desert island choices for yarn, needles...

Question for the Yarn Harlot would have to be... "Would you like to grab a beer and knit with me at [insert local bar]?" Okay, so that's not what you are looking for. What I really would want to say if I had the chance, "Thank you. At times, you have unknowingly reached through my sadness and helped me to stay afloat." (Adrienne, I would say that to you too if I met you in person.)

Aw. My pleasure, Sarah.

Yay! You went for a run on a somewhat sucky day:)

The squirrels around here kept eating my tulip bulbs until last fall I planted a bunch under strips of chicken wire. Last spring was very floral.

The squirrels, while irritating, aren't the biggest threat to tulips around here. The dang deer come along and nibble off the flower buds just before they bloom. Which makes me stabby.

And, yup, I ran. It's what I do - as long as I don't think about it. The thinking leads to excuses.

And Dave* - we've had the same pumpkin issues here. I intend to get ours early.

I love crocuses. We haven't planted any (as the back yard is still in flux), but a few serendipitously come up every year. I'll be very surprised if they come back next spring, given that we had 12 tons of top soil added to our back yard.

Love the pumpkin pictures! We've had years where volunteer pumpkins sprouted from the remains of the previous year that had been put in the compost bin - but not this year. . .

Re: Yarn Harlot - does this mean you are going to have the chance to ask her something?!? I am very curious about the Washclothes of the States (and provinces & territories) project from a few years back. I was able to give her one at the Maker Faire in San Mateo the year she came to that - but haven't ever seen the end result . . .

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