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The Diva has been all about cheerleading lately.* One of the local colleges had a cheer camp on Saturday. Kismet.

She cheered.** She danced. She got a sticker on her face.


And now she can't wait to do it again next year. 

Also, I managed to finish her sweater.


The picture doesn't quite convey how happy she was to have it and is more an indication of how tired she was after the previous day's cheerleading and that day's riding lesson. 

From the back, which is the view of this sweater that I like best:


Once I get the button sewed on...


... I will hand it off so that she can add it to her fashion rotation.

I might have started something new, tho.



* I have no issues with cheeleading qua cheerleading. As one friend described it, it's just gymnastics with yelling. One of my favorite writing gigs was writng about a Knoxville cheer gym. I kinda have some issues with the social politics that cheerleaders can instigate, etc., but, seriously, it's always something when big groups of girls get together. I'm trying to not borrow tomorrow's troubles today, however. 

** The cheering didn't do much good for the team, btw.


YAY sweater! (go mom!)

That sweater is yummy. I love the cable shaping. And the color--I could eat it with a spoon.

Good mom. Have a chocolate.

1. Awesome sweater
2. Politics are in every organization. It stinks

Yay. The yarn is a sweater. How happy making. :)

The sweater looks great! I like the rear view, too. What's the new thing going to be, hmmm?

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