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and now we destroy

In Upstate New York, fall weather is what keeps us from completely falling into little sobbing heaps of protoplasm in March and April. And, so, in celebration and appreciation and anticipation, we feel compelled to get out in it as much as possible.


We went to Willy's Farm out in Schenevus on Saturday. This goat was happy (?) to see us.

Cider donuts FTW.


The Boy.


I am taken with this tree. And the grim reaper in the background.




The Boy in the corn maze. Note hands in pockets and air of nonchalance.IMG_7505

On Saturday, we celebrated the Featureless Saint's 40th birthday. For the record, 40 candles will totally melt the top of a well-chilled ganache.


Then, said Featureless Saint decided to destroy out upstairs bath. McGregor is helping, as he does.



and soon, rhinebeck!

My hubby's 40th cake looked the same. And melted the frosting too. Yumm. We also took a photo of the cake, candles and him holding a fire extinguisher. Fun all around.

Mmmm... Rhinebeck. I'll just be there on Sunday, tho. You?

that is one fuzzy cat rump!

Your photos made me think of -- miss - yearn for -- apple cider!

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