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many things make a post

* Generation X is sick of your bullshit. And as a card carrying member (if we could be arsed to make cards) of Gen X, I wholeheartedly concur.

* The Ballad of Diamond Jim (annotated).

* Scientists have the most fun.

* I just ... sad.

* Take a nip with Steven.

* I miss Kurt Vonnegut.

* A cultural thought experiment. Worth reading for the Churchill quote alone.

* The title really says it all. Also, very funny.

* On "brandwashing."


Re: the visit to the ER. What a sad comment on our society when she said they see children, much less infants younger than their daughter....

thanks for nipping with me!

I agree Vonnegut.

I miss Vonnegut, too. I read Blue Beard last week and was pleased to find out that I, too, am one of "those" molecules.

The top 1% that Charlie talks about are my clients, the ones whose income tax returns I prepare. Some of them are in the top .1%; they acquired their money either by being in the investment industry as he says or by inheriting it. The number of tax shelters and tax avoidance techniques available to them is staggering, between GRATs and GRITs and family partnerships and hedge fund investments.

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