and now we destroy
up with figs, resistance is futile

many things make a post

* I am envious of kmkat's son.

* Michael Lewis' new piece about California is simultaniously the most depression and the most optomistic thing I've read about the state's (and, you could argue, our coutnry's) economic woes.

* Say "Dobry Den" to Super Vaclav.

* Love.

* I intend to watch the whole series, because I am that much of a geek.

* I could stand a mood-leveling agent

* Baked goods can mean so many things.

* It's the beard that makes it funny.

* This is what it's like to live with our cat Barney.

* For your Halloween brew. Supply your own eye of newt.

* Excellent marathon signs.

* Prepare to have your face melted off. (Also: note to self: dig out Fiona Apple CDs.)

* Writing makes you weird.

* Funny even if you haven't read the book.


Son called again last Saturday (a week after the Brooklyn Bridge adventure). He was at the Occupy Wall Street thing again, this time they had marched to Washington Square because the Zuccati Park(?) was too small to hold the crowd. Does he know how to have a good time or what?

La cuerentena would have been HEAVEN when my babes were born.

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