so ... Rhinebeck.
up with figs, bored, bored, bored

many things make a post

* Dave Barry's colon.

* Let's say it again: moderation in all things.

* What Taibbi said.

* That's because women only care about babies and marriage. Duh.

* On restroom signs.

* This is awesome.

* I've already printed this out and am ready to make it.

* Really good advice from Grammar Girl.

* A-freakin'-men, Kate Nepveu.

* Lemony Snicket on Occupy Wall Street. I am fond of #3.

* Dear Student.


I forgot how completely funny Dave Barry is.

My least favorite childbirth cliche is pushing and screaming at the same time. You can push in labor, you can scream in labor. But in my experience, if you try to do both at the same time, you'll have two nurses, a doctor, a doula and misc interns yelling at you that its more effective to hold your breath and push.

"Your honesty makes me respect you far less than you think it does." Ah yes.

I'm also fond of Snicket's #11, I have to say.

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