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qotd, something I want to ask everyone I meet.

"Coe is 81 now, and had recently undergone angioplasty, but he did not seem infirm. He was dressed in khaki trousers, a polo shirt, and a sport coat. Sliding into a leather chair, he said, 'Tell me your story' - his standard opening with a stranger. Then, in a looping, elliptical narrative, he told me his."

-- from a story on Doug Coe and the C Streeet House that I ripped out of September 13, 2010's New Yorker without copying down the author and title info. Ooops. Still, I love the idea of doing this.


What a great way to start a conversation. Must remember.

When I first moved to The Kristopher building (a former late 1920s hotel) in a bohemian neighborhood, I had a strong compulsion to knock on every apartment door and ask, "how did you land here."

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