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many things make a post

so ... Rhinebeck.

Not sure I have much to report from the 'beck, really.

I ate inadvisable foods.


It's the cherry tomato that makes it OK.



I saw all things llama.


Including a, um, llama.



And another llama, this one with a wee little saddle.


I pondered buying a bumper sticker.

I did, however, buy some yarn.


Bought specifically to make "Turbo Toes" from Clara Parkes' The Knitters Book of Socks.


Cultured silk and Wool that I purchased because it is gorgeous (and Ann Shayne is a little bit of an enabler). You should feel how soft. Like a chincilla soft. Plus there is a depth of color that the photo fails to capture. I loves it. I could have gone craaaazy in the Tess Designer Yarns area. I'd never before experienced their work - and now want a vat of Kitten.

Now I need to catch up on all of the stuff I ignored while I was gone. *sigh*


Re: the inadvisable food: WHAT IS THAT I DON'T EVEN

It's a Texas BBQ Sundae ... or something like that. Pulled pork + cole slaw + dollop of mashed potatoes + drizzle of sauce = yumminess. But it is more than one human being can eat.

Is it weird that the BBQ sundae sounds strangely appealing to me?

I escaped Rhinebeck with nothing more than 4 bottles of wine and some cheese.

The BBQ is actually pretty good. It's just a lot of food. Rhinebeck made me realize how much yarn I didn't need to buy.

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