qotd, been there edition
many things make a post

where was I and where are my pants?

Quickly. This weekend (as long as you consider Thursday - Sunday the weekend), we did this:









(To condense the story, which includes a number of weeks spend hemming and hawing over whether or not it was a good idea: Scott was at a conference last week in Orlando. I decided to pack up the kids and take 'em down for part of the week, despite our lack of money and time. Also, I might be insane.)


But the smiles win hands down.

So glad you took advantage. There's always time for fun. And being insane is nice!

Was the Featureless Saint at LDI?

I was. It was cool and overwhelming.

The ribbons hanging from trees, are?

What a wonderful (and exhausting) way to spend a few days. Looks like it was worth the stresses.

Dad - the ribbons are strips of cloth that represent prayers answered. It's a Thai (I think) tradition that Disney co-opted. Makes for pretty scenery.

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