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The sekrit project can be revealed, since it has been given to its intended.


McGregor couldn't decide between indifference and exhaustion, which sounds like me most days, too.


One of the unwritten deals about getting a handknit from me is that I get to blog about it. And so the details: it's Kristin Spurkland's New Baby Blanket from Interweave Knits Summer 2002, which is by far the issue of IK that I've made the most stuff from. In fact, I think I've knitted more from this issue than all other IK issues combined. I used Mission Falls Cotton 18/24 from and a yard of flannel from my local fabric shop. And, not to be all hubris-y, but I loves the finished product. I'd intended to make this blanket for my own babies but, um, was too busy having them to get around to it. 

Speaking of, tho. The Diva color-coded my pin-cushion for me while I was sewing in the lining.


I loves this, too, but for different reasons. 


That blanket is GORGEOUS. What a great idea combining flannel with the knitted piece.

Beautiful!!! I stumbled upon flannel-backing baby blankets when my first was 1-ish, 8 or so years ago. It's made my girlies' blankies last longer, I think. Plus, babies LOVE different textures.

The flannel also keeps little baby fingers from getting caught in loose stitches. So double win.

And thanks Lisa!

I don't know if this is good or bad news, but Diva shows great promise as an accountant or a librarian.

Either would be fine, frankly, but her love of order doesn't travel much further than my pins.

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