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gratuitous cat picture + advice

Our oldest cat Trout, who has had some health issues this year, is still alive, thank you very much.


And any day that involves a stack of pillows and a sunbeam is a good one.

Also, I was reminded of a sage piece of advice that was given to me by one Robert Faires, shortly after I'd received my first piece of hate mail. Get a big binder, he said, and put all of your clips in it. When the nasty bits of the profession get you down, sit and look through the binder. This will help.

I no longer use a binder, mostly as a result of the growing internet and having children. But when the industry gives me a shot to the teeth, which it has been doing with alarming frquency lately, I have a special folder called "egoboost" that makes it sting less.

Is this incredibly self-centered? Yes. Does it help? Undoubtedly, especially if there is a sunbeam and stack of pillows nearby.


1. Who has been slapping you around?
2. Trout still about? Wow! The awesome tail lives on. How old is he? 18?

1. I've just heard a lot of "no" lately. Bringing me down a little. It will pass.

2. Near as we can tell, he's 14. And the tail is slightly less awesome than it was but still pretty awesome.

Good ol' Trout. Love the tail.

Good for you to have the egoboost file -- we all need such a thing for those times that we need it.

And you have a cold. Time for chicken soup or strong hot toddy.

If it helps at all, I think you're completely awesome.

Hang in there! You and Trout.

I love Deeta Von Teese for a number of reasons, one of the top being that she lives by this rule: "ignore your critics, only mediocrity is safe from ridicule". Keep on keepin on, to you and Ol' Trout!

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