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Yesterday morning, I notice an odd bruise on the inside of my left wrist:


(Shown with a Candian quarter for scale, not because I believe that a Canadian quarter is better for showing scale but because I segregate all of our Canadian cash (which given our relative proximity to the border we end up with a lot of) in a dish in my office, which is where I was when I took the picture. Also, it's very hard to take a picture of the inside of your left wrist.)

Any guesses as to what might have made this bruise? It's not a trick question. I don't honestly know what did make the bruise.

A moment of sincerity: I am thankful for all of y'all who drop in to the blog. Thank you.


No guesses, but it looks like a frownie face.

Aliens gave you two injections of some mysterious substance? An unsuccessful tazering? Twin spider bites?

Clearly, I have no idea.

Did you sleep on your watch? I have odd bruises from the dogs jumping for joy when I put on shoes (ever hopeful it means a walk instead of me leaving for work - they can't tell sneakers from dress shoes) - do you have a dog? Otherwise I'd go with pressure from your watch while you slept.

No watch and no dog. I'm leaning toward a very tiny vampire who one of the cats chased down and ate before I woke up.

I have mystery bruises all the time and I never know what I freakin' do to myself. Or when. I blame zombies.

bruise from pressure + buttons/fasteners on the cuff of a shirt or jacket? though I think alien experimentation is more likely.

Definitely aliens.


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