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many things make a post

* I want to go here. And another from the Times: how to start running. And another: on better parenting.

* On good translation.

* Dialects. (Sadly, there isn't an example of the way Southern Tier New Yorkers say "elementary.")

* Try as I might, I can't visualize the result. I mean, I can see it if you pulled from the top of the ladder but not if you pulled from the bottom. 

* While I enjoy watching Work of Art, I doubly enjoy reading judge Jerry Saltz' thougths on each episode.

* If you've ever wanted to see what my handknitted socks look like, go to this and look carefully around the fireplace. (Why they are there is a long story, that I might relate if you ask nicely.)

* I'd like seven minutes in a closet with John Oliver, too. (And you can tell that he's spent a lot of time doing improv if you watch his eyes.)

* The douche is in decline.

* Sigh.

* I need a box of these. Truer words have never been put on a greeting card.

* "Here and Heaven" is my new favorite song.

* The best profile of Julie Taymor you're likely to read.

* Yes, this: "A commenter here, for example, began a supportive comment on a post of mine with: “I think Christie is correct, and I’m not just saying that because according to her profile picture, she’s absolutely beautiful. [emphasis mine]“. I get it. He wastrying to be flattering – but instead, he implied that my looks are the most important factor in whether or not something I write is correct."


I always enjoy "many things make a post." There is always something interesting that I haven't seen before. Alas, this week I don't have time to read all the links, but have bookmarked some to read later.

Augh, I've been doing the "elemenTARy" thing for years now. Didn't even realize it until I said it back home around my family. Sigh.

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