gratuitous cat picture + advice
up with figs, he returns

many things make a post

* In case you've ever wondered what depression is like.

* Oh Pittsburgh, my Pittsburgh.

* A fun tip to know and trade.

* Ankle bells and vaccinations. (And for the record, I fully support both Dell'Antonia and vaccinations.)

* I would like to live here.

* Being female is just so hard.

* A woman and her Spanx.

* The best job at the Post Office.

* For my son, who will eventually be old enough to appreciate his namesake.

* Now it comes in a convient tin.

* A Year in a Kilt.

* I will never do this but admire and applaud her determination (and abs). But I will do this.

* I wore out my DVD of this when Maddy was a baby. It was one of the few things that kept my focus during those 1, 3, and 5 a.m. feedings. Extreme sleep deprivaiton is a lot like being stoned.

* Forgotten bookmarks. And buy Mike's book already.


Oh, how I wish that movie with the unpronounceable name had been around in my youth. It would have made a great Saturday night session. Love Philip Glass.

Isn't Hyperbole and a Half the best? *sounding like a fan girl*

Hyperbole and a Half *is* the best. Also, I would move back to Pittsburgh in a heartbeat, if people there would be willing to employ us.

Not sure about the junk-mailing thing because I agree with the commenters that those will only go to sub-contractors who will likely raise their rates dealing the the crap. But this idea adds an interesting twist to the concept (

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