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many things make a post

* While we have had the good fortune to not have to deal with this (yet), I have friends who have been driven mad by the durn things.

* The exquisite syllabi of David Foster Wallace.

* On the Gluten-Free Lifestyle category.

* He's not a clown.

* My favorite is #7.

* This is more accurate than you might think.

* My least favorite student question has been answered.

* Nerds and Male Privilege

* Now this is cosplay I can support.

* Note to self: Make time to watch this.


Hey, thanks for the link! I appreciate it.

The dude's been marveling over DFW's syllabi also.

My coworker, whose kids got it, went for the full nuclear:
full body shaving. No hair: no lice. His girl was in high school and thought it was kind of cool to be bald. But I understand that isn't a viable solution for a lot of people. I'd probably balk.

Emily had lice when she was 3, and gave it to me. Joe and Matthew were spared. We, too, had to go through a few levels of treatment, finally getting the prescription, which worked. Honestly, I think extremely rigorous combing several times a day under a bright light was the best method.

Oh, and I think the prescription we had was for Lindane. Which came with beaucoup warnings. So, yeah, I neuro-toxined myself and my daughter.

I love the Dr Nerdlove link, I totally lost track of time over there. I don't know how you find this stuff...

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