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"The worst illustrations? No contest: Robert Leighton's cartoons in Gravelle's books, which take their sensibility from Mad magzine; to wit, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia as bug-eyed, slimy monsters, and, for a mascot (most of these books have a mascot), a tiny, naked, bald homunculus who walks around with an erection. Here is why you must never, ever buy this book: in an illustration for a discussion titled ' How Much Does a Girl Bleed? Does She Have to Wear a Bandage?,' that homunculus guy is taking a nap on a sanitary pad."

-- Jill Lepore, "Too Much Information" in Oct. 18, 2010's New Yorker.


Good grief. Just that.

Thing is: That's What Boys Are Like.

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