qotd, how to terrify your children
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Ah, yes, the joy of airplane rides as sole parent to two children. Mine were both preschoolers when we used to do that regularly; we lived in MN and parents had retired to FL. Flights to MCO were often discounted at the last minute, and we would snap up 3 tickets whenever that happened. Husband would stay home and go to work, I would load up the two boys and fly away. When eventually the stars aligned and moon was in the seventh house and all four of us were able to fly to FL together, he volunteered to be the parent-in-charge on the flight. He sat in seat B with boys in seats A and C; I sat across the aisle in seat D and reveled in my singleness, casting annoyed glances at "that family" on the other side of the aisle whenever the children made a little noise.

Nice. I'm glad all ya'll went.

Having been stuck TWICE in Its A Small World, I shudder when I see it or hear the song...but as a GOOD grandmother I do go on it ONCE/trip with the grandkids...if I were a SMART grandmother, I would take ear plugs and enjoy it all the more.

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