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Finally, after a year of wondering if it was ever going to happen, The Boy had his first loose tooth.


And shortly after this picture was snapped and he wandered back downstairs, he came running up to hand the tooth to me because he'd pulled it out. 

The Tooth Fairy finally got to put a dollar in his pillow. There was much rejoicing.

Related: the whole kids loosing teeth thing is one of the parenting tasks that simply squicks me out. I hated loosing them when I was a kid; it makes me queasy when my own kids show me how wiggly a tooth is. Bleg. 


I agree - my kids all had baby teeth that did not come out easily. On one family vacation, a daughter kept herself entertained by twisting a loose tooth around. She said "Hey Mom" and showed me this while we were waiting in a line - I of course shuddered and squealed and she laughed.

Ditto. Major ick/cringe/gag factor.

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