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As I've spoken of before, I was gifted with a metric ton* of lovely but unloved-by-its-owner yarn. So far, I've made a sweater** for the Diva. With the leftovers, I made a red scarf:



The scarf will soon*** be off to the Red Scarf Project, where it will find its way around the neck of a deserving recepient. Which sounds more ominous than I'd intended.

Here ends the tales of that particular color of the gift yarn. Now on to the purple...

ETA: I meant to direct the wool people over to Steven's World AIDS day auction but hit "post" too soon. So, um, go there.


* Yes, this is hyperbole. Deal.

** which she has yet to wear, thankyouverymuch. Kids. (In her defense, it has been an unnervingly warm fall.)

*** today, in fact, if I can get my behind in gear and get to the P.O.


i always love your actual knitting content! lol

Thank you for taking unloved yarn and making good.

Clearly, that yarn was just waiting for the person who would know EXACTLY what to do with it. Nicely done.

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